Why is Sane Fitness so effective? 

We've done the heavy lifting of figuring out what you need to do to get in shape. Because your time is precious, we've designed a program for you that requires: 

  • the least amount of time (less than an hour 3x a week)
  • minimal, easy-to-store equipment at home (or at your favorite gym)

How Does it Work?

To save you time, to get your muscles in the best condition, and burn the most possible calories, we've chosen effective exercises that make you move more than one joint at a time.

For instance, if you base your routine around multi-joint exercises like squats, push ups, one-arm rows, lunges, shoulder presses and leg raises like we've done in our Quick Start Kit; you will be in better shape than most and sooner than most!

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The exercise mat, exercise ball and 2 sets of dumbbells, 1 lighter, 1 heavier is all you need to get started!