“Making 30 Hours Out of 24”

( Some tips to feel like you have 6 extra hours a day )

  1. Wake up with a general idea of “things to get done today”.
  2. Then separate the must do’s from the can do later’s. In other words…PRIORITIZE!!
  3. The 2-3 hours between feedings go in about 20 minutes, so time yourself to start “the list” right after the feeding. I always liked to return phone calls while I was nursing/feeding, but I am on #3…you should enjoy feeding your baby. (texting is allowed)
  4. Give yourself a break…you just had a baby so if you do not get as much done as you did pre-baby…it’s ok!
  5. Stay strong with healthy snacks in your diaper bag and at home. 
  6. Try to get in a workout after you are fully healed. (4-6 weeks for most) Take that 1 hour of “me time” a day and exercise…nothing gives you more energy. You WILL be tired but trust me...working out wakes you up and gives you more energy to finish the day.
  7. ASK FOR HELP! People want to help you so let them. Especially your hubby…teach him the basics of feeding and changing diapers early so he can help you. Your baby will be fine when you get back…in all the wrong clothes that do not match..BUT safe.
  8. Make sure you create time to be with your husband…this is sooo important.
  9. MULTITASK!! That’s what we do as women…get that mani/pedi/massage all at the same time. A day at the spa in just 45 minutes!
  10. ENJOY THAT BABY!! The time flies by so fast…….