New Name, New You.

SANE FITNESS Introduces a Sane Way to Get In Shape

Just 6 Weeks Before Your Walk Down the Aisle!

New York , NY - You have been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl. You have met your soul mate, the date is set and you even found the perfect wedding dress. Now the pressure is on to look your best for the most special event in your life and there’s no denying the must-have accessory for your strapless white masterpiece- perfectly toned arms! You are not alone in your plan to get fit before getting to the chapel. According to the Association for Wedding Professionals , a majority of the 2.4 million brides-to-be are trying to shape up and slim down for their walk down the aisle too. With just six weeks till your wedding day it’s crunch time and you really can’t afford a personal trainer. Getting nervous on just how you will pull off an upper body transformation to compliment your strapless gown?

Six Weeks to Toned Arms

SANE FITNESS offers brides-to-be a sane way to get fit fast. The SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck is a card set that offers a steady-as-you-go, reasonable way to incorporate regular exercise and good eating into your jam-packed days. The QuickStart Deck will jumpstart your weight loss plan and help you to immediately tone your body, to reveal a sexy new you. The QuickStart Deck contains 6 weeks of full-body workouts that you can do at the gym or at home with minimal equipment. The card set is enough to get you started if you've never had a weight-lifting routine. The contents of the box include 36 cards, an instructional brochure and cardholder, for conveniently transporting the card set around town- like a portable fitness trainer! Below is an example of tricep and bicep exercises from QuickStart Deck, which will help tone your arms for your strapless white gown.


SANE FITNESS was invented by a wife and business woman for women just like her, who never seem to have enough hours in the day to focus on herself, but understands the importance of looking great, especially on the big day! Beverley Caen is the perfect example of an overextended working woman who has found a way to make fitness and healthy eating a part of her everyday life. With a little help from fitness expert John Cruz of Equinox Fitness Club, this Wall Street career woman and mother of two developed an exercise program that could fit into any busy woman’s schedule and produce real results, real quick.

SANE FITNESS TM QuickStart Deck Retail Information

SANE FITNESS is published by the Plain White Press, producer of innovative and attractive paper products for savvy women. For more information please visit The suggested retail price of the SANE FITNESS QuickStart Deck is $19.95 and can be purchased online at