SaneFitness – Next Level

A new program available for purchase and download for both the Quickstart graduate AND the fit woman who wants a little challenge and variety in her routine 

452365-961732-thumbnail.jpgThe guess work is done! Follow this program with the same dedication and perseverance you put into other areas of your life and the results will amaze you.

For the QuickStart Graduate

The NextLevel program is a custom-designed follow-up to the Sane Fitness QuickStart Deck. The format is as easy to follow as in QuickStart, but it builds upon your new overall conditioning with more challenging exercises and a more intense way to execute the routines.

With the Sane Fitness QuickStart deck you gained strength, stamina, muscle tone, energy, and reduced your chances of injury. Now with the Sane Fitness NextLevel you will be in your best shape ever!

 Downloadable EBook - $9.95


For the Fit Woman Looking for a Challenge

If this is your first Sane Fitness deck, you will find in these routines the required variety and challenge you need, even if you have already been strength training on your own. This 6 week program is sure to enhance your current fitness and take you to the next level.