Sane Fitness Quickstart

Why Be Sane & Fit?

Many women know that the secret to juggling the many priorities in their lives -- work, family, housework, community, and...well... shopping -- is always easier when we take excellent care our ourselves. But with everything else going on, how can we find the time to exercise and eat right?

The answer is in the question: if exercise becomes a habit, we actually find more time. There are no great secrets to getting fit by exercising -- lift weights, break a sweat, eat healthy food -- but putting it all together is a big challenge. How do you continue with a routine that energizes you, motivates you, and doesn't get boring?

The Sane Fitness Cards are designed to provide simple instruction that help you exercise correctly everytime. Do the right exercises on the right days to get the most out of each and every workout. Download a few sample cards and try them out.

Download Sample Cards (requires Adobe PDF reader).