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I've learned that there are a few myths out there that derail many of you, but the truth is that you need to stay active and keep eating healthy if you want to stay in shape.

Common Myths about Pregnancy and Fitness

MYTH: You are now eating for two.

TRUTH: Many women get pregnant and immediately start eating for “two.” That little life inside of you needs no more than an additional 300 calories a day, just one large glass of orange juice. Remember, never let yourself get hungry when you are expecting, but realize that over-indulging just because you are pregnant only makes it more difficult to get rid of the post-baby weight!

MYTH: Pregnant women should do abdominal exercises to strengthen muscles and allow for an easier delivery.

TRUTH: Traditional abdominal exercises after the first trimester are not recommended. Your abdominal wall is being stretched out more and more as your belly grows, therefore, a stretched out muscle cannot contract as it normally does on a regular basis. Take advantage - this is the only time you won’t feel guilty for skipping crunches! Once you complete the recommended abdominal exercises through the QuickStart Deck, switch to isometric exercises and back strengthening exercises to maintain good posture as well as to reduce lower back pain.

MYTH: You get clumsier due to your ever-growing size and feel “off-balanced.”

TRUTH: The sense of imbalance many pregnant women feel is not only caused by one’s big belly, but is also due to pregnancy hormones, Relaxin and Progesterone, that make joints looser and less stable.

MYTH: Never let your heart rate go over 140bpm while exercising.

TRUTH: Because all pregnant women have different fitness levels and needs, the traditional recommendation of keeping your heart rate below 140 bpm is no longer being practiced. Instead, choose moderate intensities according to your current fitness level, stop exercising when fatigued and never exercise to exhaustion! The most important thing is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!