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Now that it is officially fall, we are all shopping for that new fabulous fall knit wardrobe. As we know, knits can be snug! If you get yourself into a workout regime now, you can have a fit fall and go into the Holiday Season already looking fabulous! No need to crash diet to get into that little cocktail dress...

Get those arms in shape today! This newsletter is dedicated to the flabby arm...below you will find 3 killer arm moves to tone those arms and get ready for sleeveless dress season.

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Three Killer Arm Moves

Try these easy to follow arm exercises and you will be on your way to toner "Cocktail Dress" arms!

Bicep Curl:

biceppos1bev and john

Tricep Extension:

tricep1bev and john

Shoulder Lateral Raise:

bev and john bev and john

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